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The GISRUK conference series is the UK's national GIS research conference, established in 1993. GISRUK conferences are primarily aimed at the academic community. They attract delegates from all parts of the UK, together with the European Union and North America and from disciplines including Geography, Computer Science, Planning, Archaeology, Geology, Geomatics and Engineering.

The GISRUK conferences have the following aims:

* to act as a focus for GIS research in the UK
* to provide a mechanism for the announcement and publication of GIS research
* to act as an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of research ideas
* to promote active collaboration amongst researchers from diverse parent disciplines
* to provide a framework in which postgraduate students can see their work in a national context

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The conference moves to a different location each year. Further information about forthcoming conferences is available where links exist:
* GISRUK '16 - University of Greenwich [NEW!]
* GISRUK '15 - University of Leeds
Previously, GISRUK has been held at:
* GISRUK '14 - University of Glasgow
* GISRUK '13 - University of Liverpool
* GISRUK '12 - University of Lancaster
* GISRUK '11 - University of Portsmouth (in conjunction with Ordnance Survey)
* GISRUK '10 - University College London
* GISRUK '09 - Durham University (in conjunction with Newcastle and Northumbria Universities)
* GISRUK '08 - Manchester Metropolitan University
* GISRUK '07 - National University of Ireland at Maynooth
* GISRUK '06 - University of Nottingham
* GISRUK '05 - University of Glasgow
* GISRUK '04 - University of East Anglia (Norwich)
* GISRUK '03 - City University
* GISRUK '02 - University of Sheffield
* GISRUK '01 - University of Glamorgan (co-hosted with Cardiff)
* GISRUK '00 - University of York
* GISRUK '99 - University of Southampton
* GISRUK '98 - University of Edinburgh
* GISRUK '97 - University of Leeds
* GISRUK '96 - University of Kent at Canterbury
* GISRUK '95 - University of Newcastle
* GISRUK '94 - University of Leicester
* GISRUK '93 - University of Keele


The following prestigious prizes are awarded annually to recognise quality research and excellent presentation skills:
* Best Paper
* Best Paper by a Young Researcher
* Best Poster
* UCL CASA Prize for the best paper on Spatial Analysis, in memory of Sinesio Alves Junior

Steering Committee

Nick Bearman 		University of Liverpool			
Jane Drummond           University of Glasgow			
Christine Dunn          Durham University			
Claire Ellul  	       	University College London		
David Fairbairn         Newcastle University			
Bruce Gittings (Chair)  University of Edinburgh			
Nick Groome             Ordnance Survey				
Nick Malleson           University of Leeds                     
Duncan Whyatt		Lancaster University 			
Adam Winstanley         National University of Ireland Maynooth	
Zena Wood		University of Greenwich
Within the Steering Committee, individuals take a lead as the local organiser of current and future conferences, but in addition there are the following roles:
      Chair:                           Bruce Gittings
      Treasurer:		       David Fairbairn	
      Young Researchers:               Nick Bearmain
      Sponsor Relationship Management: Duncan Wyatt
      Prize Coordination:              Claire Ellul
      AGI Liaison:                     

Conference Series Main Sponsors

The GISRUK Steering Committtee are grateful to the Association for Geographic Information, the Ordnance Survey, Taylor & Francis Group and ESRI (UK) for their continued and generous sponsorship of the conference series. The Association for Geographic Information represents all interests which make up the UK geographic information community. The Ordnance Survey is the British national mapping agency. ESRI (UK) is a supplier of GIS software and services. Taylor & Francis are a leading international publisher.

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